Paradise Inn

| July 25, 2018


Mind-twisting, time-bending horror

After being employed at Paradise Inn, Carol is thrust into a nightmarish time loop. Every day appears to be a torturous rendition of the last with her getting engaged and then having her heart shattered. As déjà -vu assaults at every turn, she becomes convinced that everyone and everything in the hotel is in on the conspiracy, from her syrupy coworker and the psychotic guard at the door to the sleep-inducing bed in her room. The inn is evil, and it doesn’t want her to leave. With her sanity wearing thin, there is only one option, escape.

Paradise Inn is a mind-twisting, time-bending horror story about Carol’s search for an exit. Through Carol’s endeavors to find the truth about the inn, she is forced to deal with the perils repressed in her own mind. The key to her salvation and leaving the nightmare lies inside of her. Can she find it in time? Or will she be stuck, forever, inside the hotel’s hell, destined to repeat her life’s tragic mistakes.

Note from author: This novel incorporates mature content not meant for children. Ultimately, the story is more than a run of the mill horror story. It is a spiritual journey. However, the innocence has been lost already. Demons have to be faced.

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