Truth or Darkness

| August 1, 2018


It was the only truth the Gods feared…
Beyond the living world, a dark secret is kept from humanity. Demons guard the bridge to heaven, and cast the souls of everyone that dies to fire and ash. A group of immortal mages fight a shadow war to destroy the demons, but at a great cost to themselves and those around them.
Within the valley of an ancient crater, the city of Elrancia is built upon the greed of kings and the blood of its people. It is a cauldron of chaos embroiled in a vicious holy war enacted by vagabond high priest, Vladnar. He searches for the Necromanex, a powerful text written by the mages.
Leoh is a young merchant struggling with his father’s disappearance and his own inner demons. When Vladnar accuses him of hiding the Necromanex, he is chased across Elrancia in search of the reason why. With religious zealots, assassins, and powerful mages after him, Leoh fights not just to save his life in this world, but his soul in the next.

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