Demon Seeds: A Supernatural Horror Novel

| August 3, 2018


The Beast is awake. 

An extra-dimensional being of terrifying power has learned how to enter our world. The demon seeds it plants are already growing ripe within us, taking us over from the inside and twisting us into demonic parodies of our former selves. 

Are the dark thoughts in your head your own? Or is something else already thinking through you? 

A hundred years may rob those Ender once loved, his sight, and the very memory of his name, but no eternity will diminish the scar on his psyche which that voice branded him with. He can only imagine the universe being born in response to such a voice, and even more likely will it end with the last reverberation of its utterance. 

Read now to watch the world burn. 

Demon Seeds is a fast-paced Lovecraft-inspired horror adventure. Tobias Wade is an Amazon-Bestselling horror author with over 500 USA Amazon Reviews, 4.6 average rating. He’s won a horror story award from Reddit’s /nosleep, and his work has been featured by the world’s largest horror YouTube channels and podcasts, including MrCreepyPasta’s 1.3 million subscriber platform.

Tobias’s titles include: 
51 Sleepless Nights
52 Sleepless Nights
Brutal Bedtime Stories
Alphabet Soup: Horror Stories for the Tormented Soul
Love, Death, and other Inconveniences
The Trees have Eyes
Demon Seeds
The Last Man

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