Death By Lotto (Josiah Reynolds Mystery 5) (Josiah Reynolds Mysteries)

| October 2, 2013


Death By Lotto (Josiah Reynolds Mystery 5) (Josiah Reynolds Mysteries)

Ethel Bradley thinks someone is trying to kill her, but doesn’t

know who or why. She enlists the help of her childhood friend,

Lady Elsmere, but Lady Elsmere has troubles of her own in

the form of a ne’er-do-well English nephew who’s trying to steal

her estate. Both women turn to Josiah Reynolds, who has just

returned from New York.

Josiah calls Detective Goetz who recommends a shamus named

Walter Neff. Walter and Josiah scour the Bluegrass for answers

that turn out to be deadly. To make matters worse for Josiah,

Fred O’nan is a free man and gunning for her.

Josiah, full of sass and vinegar, meets these challenges head on

with the support of her friends, Franklin and Matt. Will Josiah be

thwarted this time?

Kentucky can be a cruel mistress to the those wanting

justice and exacts a high price for it. Sometimes the “dark and

bloody ground” demands double indemnity.

This is something Josiah knows very well. Very well indeed.


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