Halloween Quiz Game Book: How “Spooktacular” Are You? (Holiday Quiz Books: Facts And Fun For Kids Of All Ages)

| October 2, 2013


Halloween Quiz Game Book: How

Looking for a fun and informative game to play at your Halloween  get-togethers?
The Halloween Quiz Game Book: How “Spooktacular” Are You?
is a great family activity for kids of all ages.
This fast-paced book is an educational and entertaining trivia game that explores the meanings, traditions, and practices of this ancient holiday leading up to the celebration of all the ways we remember the dead.
This quizette is a fun and fact interactive eBook for all ages that entertains and informs its players about this historic autumn holiday and the secret meanings and traditions we just take for granted.
The quiz challenges you to solve the mysteries that surround those familiar ghosts, goblins, Jack 0’Lanterns, foods, treats, stories, and tricksters we take for granted as part of the perks of the season.
Ideal for young and the young at heart, the game players try to crack the hidden meanings for each question that is part of this holiday celebration.
Looking for a challenge? 
Do you dare challenge the history and mystery of this day?
Take some holiday time out and see if you can unravel the meanings of these timeless and legendary traditions that have become part of our modern heritage.
In this interactive edition, this great little eBook quickly has the solutions for each question, so you do not have to wait to the very end of the chapter for the correct answers.
Included In The Halloween Quiz Game Book:
-Fun Facts and Lore About This Ancient Holiday
-Score Board to Mark Your Place As A Halloween Expert
-Summary of the Holiday: Facts – Origins – Traditions – Celebrations
-Great Family And Group Ideas To Celebrate Halloween Safely
Be “Spooktacular” and buy this holiday book today.

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