Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Capricious Shadows

| August 9, 2018


Publishers Weekly (BookLife) says: “Adorable is one word to describe both the characters and plot of this novel… The writing will spark the imaginations of young readers.”
Award winning finalist in Young Adult Fiction * 2017 International Book Awards
“…a novel you will not forget any time soon…” -Rabia Tanveer * 5 stars

“A romping tale of adventure, science and magic for all ages!”

When Orville Mouse rescues an errant windblown hat on his way to work, he soon discovers the hat’s shadow is not behaving as it should be. While attempting to discover the cause of this curious phenomenon, Orville and his best friend Sophia Mouse uncover a terrifying secret, soon finding themselves in a desperate race to prevent the imminent destruction of uncountable parallel worlds. With help from their old friend Proto the Rabbiton, mysterious Madam Molly, a wistful robotic curator named Copo, a pair of gigantic vacationing insects, a ghostly engineer, the vaporous Others, and the simmering Forest of Thorns, the two stalwart adventurers must retrace the journey of a centuries old explorer named Haukesworth Mouse to the lost world of Tectar and a terrifying confrontation with Mendacium the Dark Wizard in the dank and dismal dungeons of infamous Castle Caligari.

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