Hell Bent

| August 10, 2018


2317 – The dreadnought Relentless leaps into hyperspace during one of the last battles of the war against the alien Skiloi, its destination unknown, and is presumed lost with all hands by humanity.

2337 – Relentless returns to human space, and as its commander begins to blaze a path of destruction across the stars towards Skiloi territories the Solarian Alliance rapidly mobilizes every starship it has in a desperate attempt to stop the rogue starship from restarting the war with their former enemies.

As Relentless proceeds inexorably onwards, aboard the TSS Satori ex-marine Ridley Martini is asked to attempt a perilous mission by her captain: Board Relentless, lead a squad to the bridge and overthrow whoever is in charge when she gets there.

The mission’s goals are simple: Failure is not acceptable, and Relentless must be stopped at any cost…

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