| October 2, 2013



“Excellent debut novel” – KaroliinaK
“The setting and characters are brought to such three-dimensional life that I felt like was right there with them” – Denna Holm
“An unusual and absorbing fantasy” – Mrs. Pauline M. Ross

Fargoer is a unique, myth-like fantasy novel set in an age when Vikings haunted the seas, and northern lands were covered with dark and unbreachable forests. It is a story of a single stubborn woman against the harsh world, and the destiny that is set against her.

“If you like adventures set in fantasy worlds, you will love Fargoer.” – warrior cat
“Mystical, captivating and lively” – Boyko Ovcharov

No matter if you like fantasy or mythology, nature or folklore, ancient history or unwritten tradition, Fargoer will keep you turning the pages until the story has been told – and leave you craving for the next chapter.

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