Balance Sheet Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 30 Pages

| October 2, 2013


Balance Sheet Basics: From Confusion to Comfort in Under 30 Pages

Take control of your financial statements

• Take balance sheet analysis out of the ‘too hard basket’ and put it within your own skill set.
• Reduce your reliance on others to process balance sheet information. This will reduce costs & help build trust with your advisors through improved communication.
• Feel more empowered when provided with balance sheets, rather than feeling confused or simply filing them away unused…or filing them in a recycling bin!

Learn how to use accounting information to add value to your business and investments

• Understand your business and investments from a whole new light. You can make better decisions when armed with more knowledge & information.
• Learn how to ‘paint the picture’ that the balance sheet numbers provide. Through balance sheet analysis you will have a new tool to see where any business has been, is now & maybe will be in the future.
• Turn your accounting information from being a ‘compliance issue’ to it becoming a value creator that can assist your wealth creation.

Understand a primary financial statement from an experienced teacher

• Authored by a teacher of accounting with years of experience. This includes private tutoring to running sessions with 25 students.
• He has taught university students with all levels of skills, from those that had only basic levels of accounting knowledge to those with advanced study skills. This includes students from non-English speaking backgrounds.
• Axel Tracy was employed by his own university to run study sessions in Accounting Standards & Regulations while still being an undergraduate himself.

Build knowledge quickly from a concise, to the point, eBook

• Be able to apply the knowledge quickly, this eBook should only take around 1-2 hours to read and understand.
• Don’t be swamped by too much detail too quickly. Cover all the basics, without the long-windedness, and then you can choose to deepen your knowledge elsewhere if desired.
• Written in a conversational manner, the eBook will not drive you up the wall by making prerequisite knowledge requirements. All jargon is explained clearly and the tone of the eBook is friendly and free flowing.

Note: As stated in the Sub-Title, this eBook is only a 30-page mini-book (approx. 9,000 words). Please be aware of the brevity of this eBook, so you are not disappointed when you do not receive a 250-page read.


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