Wisdom’s Hidden Treasures: Find wisdom in the midst of catastrophe

| August 12, 2018


Find wisdom in the midst of catastrophe.

Find real spiritual and emotional help by applying the precepts of wisdom from the Bible.

Are you ready for an edge that will alter your life? The Bible says that wisdom has the advantage of success. Find real spiritual and emotional help by applying the precepts of wisdom from the Bible.

Learn how to escape the downward spiral of defeat, and how to choose a path to success. Wisdom’s High Way will help you restore confidence in your faith and turn bitter defeat into sweet victory.

Our family did not learn to apply the precepts of wisdom until years after our life turned upside down. Even though we sought advice in uncertain times,; our life became a calamity. To our dismay, we discovered that most Christians do not know how to respond or counsel someone in that kind of situation.

Over the next six years we plummeted on a downward spiral. Finally, we dove into the writings of the wisest man to ever live: King Solomon. It changed our approach to life and the decisions we make.

>>>You need to read this book because it will help you:

”?Restore confidence in your faith

”?Turn bitter defeat into sweet victory

”?Avoid calamity in your life

”?Discover hope and security

”?Reduce stress and drama

Share it with a friend! Our prayer is that you pursue wisdom relentlessly. Then you will find the answer to your question- “What should I do?”

Chapter 1: How we escaped the continual downward spiral.

Chapter 2: Wisdom’s advantage and the seven pillars of wisdom will benefit you.

Chapter 3: Hidden treasure- the key that unlocks the door to wisdom.

Chapter 4: Understanding will give you the valuable gifts of perception and ethics.

Chapter 5: Wise behavior will bring you benefits and rewards.

Chapter 6: Instruction in Righteousness- God sees all of your faults, but loves you still.

Chapter 7: Instruction in Justice- God will make everything right in the end.

Chapter 8: Equity- The Lord is more than fair by tipping the scales in our favor.

Chapter 9: Prudence for the Naïve- Prudence will help you pinpoint and solve your root problems.

Chapter 10: Knowledge & Discretion for Youth- How to teach these truths to your children, to help them avoid the pitfalls you have faced.

Chapter 11: Solomon’s conclusion- There is nothing more important in life than obtaining wisdom.

Ginger Kasser is a thoughtful problem solver, who uses her creativity to make God tangible to her readers. Her writing incites trust as she applies ancient wisdom to modern day problems.

She attended Glendale Community College, and Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College. Her studies included journalism and Christian education.

Edward Kasser is co-author Wisdom’s High Way, and a business owner who is competitive and results oriented. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in theology, enjoys teaching and discussing the wisdom of Jesus, the words of Solomon, and theology.

He attended Pacific Coast Baptist College, Southwestern Bible College, and Western Theological Seminary.

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