Practical Minimalism: Learn How To Let Go, Experience More With Less, and Live A Fuller Life: Your Essential Guide to Minimalist Living

| August 13, 2018


“We buy stuff we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t even like.” – Fight Club 

Does that sound familiar?

Yes, that’s the way modern man is living. 

You think more is merrier – the more you have, the happier you’ll be

But the hard reality is further you travel on this ‘more and more and more’ road, you feel lonely, depressed and anxious. That’s why pharma bestseller charts show anti depression and anti-anxiety medication on the top since decades.

Unfortunately more is not merrier– there is a much better way to a fuller and fulfilled life- and it’s possible with less.That’s what “Practical Minimalism” is all about

Practical Minimalism is really ‘practical’, as it doesn’t want you to get rid of everything you have and wonder like nomads;  it teaches you the practical ways to incorporate minimalism that suits with your modern way of living.

Here is what you’ll learn in Practical Minimalism:

  • Why is minimalism so appealing? (must read to bust any myths about it)
  • How minimalism ropes in Zen Buddhism and Stoicism, but still it can gel very well with modern materialistic world.
  • How Your ‘possessions’ is not your ‘identity’
  • Happiness or positivity – what should you choose? Here is a new definition of happiness.
  • Plethora of studies showing how “less is more” to live a healthy, stress-free living and tips and tactics to declutter your life 
  • How owning unnecessary things brings you ‘unnecessary’ stress and what you should do about it?
  • Practical ways to reprioritize your life and claim access to “edit button’ of your life.
  • Best practicesto help you adapt to minimalist living in less time.

Practical Minimalism doesn’t preach about sacrificing and leave you with a feeling of sadness, it hands over an entirely different set of lenses to SHIFT your perspective from having more ‘possessions’ to enjoying more ‘experiences’

Don’t just think  ‘Less is more” at surface level of your mind.

Practical Minimalism is your essential guide to experience a lighter but fuller way of living your lifeIt’s your roadmap to truly embrace “Less is More”

You don’t need anyone’s permission- it’s your life.

Take Your First Step Today and Choose To Feel More, Experience More- And Live a Fuller Life


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