Kid Dinosaur Billy Getting Ready for Bedtime

| August 13, 2018


Meet Billy the Kid Dinosaur

Kid Dinosaur Billy Getting Ready for Bedtime teaches your child how to get ready for bedtime.

Before going to bed Billy loved to do,
A few things that you should do too!
Now let’s find out what Billy does,
before going to bed, without a fuss.

This Book builds your child’s confidence and demonstrates how learning good habits can be easy and fun.
This learning children’s book is written especially for children aged 2-8. It’s a suitable read-aloud for preschoolers and a great self-read book for beginner readers.
This book contains illustrations of a kid dinosaur, lots of them. It’s a book that was made with love to teach little ones what they can do before bedtime. Enjoy these teachable moments with your little ones, alongside beautiful rhymes.

Here’s what readers are already saying about this fun story:

“A must to teach kids what to do before going to sleep” — Lucy

“My kid loves to read this book over and over again before going to bed” — Eric

“This is the best book to teach little ones what to do before bedtime. ” — Jimmy
“My son follows everything Billy does before bedtime, I love how this book teaches little ones while being easy for them to read”–Cindy, Kendrick’s mommy.

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