Lower East Side: A short story about a girl, a drug ring, three dogs, and an improbable escape

| August 16, 2018


In an apartment building in the Lower East Side of New York City, success is reserved for the Puerto Rican locos who are willing to do anything to make a buck. Everyone else remains stagnant, not daring to dream on the boss’ turf.

Shortly after her seventeenth birthday, Yasmin knows that rescuing three pit bulls from a nightmarish life will upset their poor excuse for an owner. However, the teen never imagines saving the dogs will land her on the bad side of the worst people. When “The Godmother of Avenue B” steps in to help Yasmin (pulling Yasmin into the protection of the Lower East Side’s prominent drug ring) a far more complex set of circumstances unravel to reveal a family connection that will either save or destroy them all.

However, even with death at her doorstep, Yasmin refuses to be saved if the dogs can’t come, too.  And when Yasmin lays the groundwork for what she believes will be nothing short of the best (albeit, foreseeably action-packed) escape with the dogs in tow, she lands herself in an even worse predicament. Meanwhile, The Godmother of Avenue B withholds a secret that remains a mystery to Yasmin: the full story of why The Godmother ever got involved in the first place.

Now, with only seconds to choose between life and death at the hands of hoodlums, survival might only be possible at the expense of loyalty. However, Yasmin never expects a mere stranger to ensure she lives happily ever after…but not without a rip-roaring adventure.

“I read this book & couldn’t put it down!” – Gloria W., Beta reader

“Such a great read!” – Carol S., Beta reader

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