Listening to the Voice

| August 20, 2018


All of these poems were written after God had spoken to me, usually in a dream. They are messages of wisdom, encouragement, love, praise, faith and salvation. In every case, the idea or poem topic was not in my head when I went to sleep. I would awaken from a dream at four or five in the morning and have one line of the poem in my head. I would immediately sit down and start writing and the words would flow. I was just the scribe. I believe God gave me these messages to share and I hope they touch your heart as they did mine.

Excerpt from “The Death of a Child”
Hundreds of prayers for healing were seemingly ignored.
Why would God take my child; a child I so adored?
As the pain and anger kept building, I would stay up all night and cry.
God why won’t you answer me? Tell me why? Why? Why?

Excerpt from “The Thumbprint of Our God”
Every work that he has done is signed with His blood.
Everything that we see or touch has the thumbprint of our God.
And when I get to heaven I know that I will see
His thumbprint on my very soul, it’s branded there on me.

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