Author interview with Don Bush of ‘Listening to the Voice’

Author interview with Don Bush of 'Listening to the Voice'

Listening to the Voice is a book of spiritual poems that emphasizes God’s never-ending love from us, even though He sometimes has to discipline us. It is uplifting and gives hope even though we may be going through trial and tribulations. God will tell you and show you the way out.



Are you looking for writing that will uplift your day? Take a moment out from the busyness of your day and explore the hope in the book Listening to the Voice with author Don Bush. Don, let’s get right into the spiritual setting of this book, by going back to where it all started. How did Listening to the Voice initially come to life?

All of the poems were written after God had spoken to me, usually in a dream. I would wake up at four or five in the morning usually with one line of a poem in my head. In every case, these thoughts were not in my head when I went to sleep. I would set down and start writing the first line and the words would start to flow. I believe all of these simple poems are encouraging words given by God. I believe that He wanted me to share them. That is why I titled the book “Listening to the Voice.”



Did you find the lines that popped into your head, and subsequently flowed onto the paper were directly inspired by events in your life?

Yes. I deserted God for forty years, wandering in the corporate desert. I was the ultimate workaholic. I worked a lot more seven day weeks than I did five day weeks. It was wrong, but God welcomed me back and forgave me. If you are putting ANYTHING ahead of God you a making a mistake.



By addressing and owning up to the mistakes you saw in your past, I’m sure that you found you learnt a lot. What was the most important thing you learnt from this reflection?

The more I heard His voice in these dreams, the more my faith grew. My awareness of His presence and His actions increased.



So, it’s fair to say that that you really had God and His presence at the top of your mind while you crafted these poems?

Yes, the power and love of God. Even though we keep falling down; He keeps on picking us up.



Now you’ve mentioned ‘us’ here. Did you find that your poems featured characters, other than yourself? And can you share a little about how they came into your work with us?

They all came from dreams, but they paralleled my life and the lives of some of my friends.



Looking back, what do you feel was the most important aspect you wanted to share about these dreams the lives they paralleled in ‘Listening to the Voice’?

God loves you and he won’t desert you even though you might desert Him!



With such a strong conviction around the God, do you feel that this is the last poetry collection you’ll release, or is there enough material for another book? What’s currently in the works?

I am working on the second book of poems.



Does the idea of a second volume seem a little overwhelming since you’ve already filled one volume, or are you excited and energised by the prospect of writing more?

Writing energizes me. I don’t write every day; only when God gives me a message. I might write three or four poems in a week and I might go a couple of weeks without writing one.



Well, I hope you have many more messages so that you can continue your energy, excitement and exuberance for writing! Don, thanks so much for sharing a taste of your book with us today, and I hope you have so much fun working on your second poetry book!


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