Just Looking (A contemporary short story) (Just Alice series)

| October 3, 2013


Just Looking (A contemporary short story) (Just Alice series)

Just Looking is a finalist in the Kindle Best Indie Book Awards 2013

The day has arrived when Alice can no longer live on her own. She forgets to take her meds, and she was caught feeding teabags to her cat. Her long suffering daughter delivers her to a retirement home, but getting her to stay will be a battle of wills.

– The breeze followed them inside until the automatic doors whooshed shut behind them. Corridors like hungry mouths headed in every direction.

Alice chewed on her bottom lip and planted her feet. She gulped. “This place is going to swallow me whole,” she whispered.

Karen blew on her hands and smiled. “Oh good, it’s much warmer inside. Well, this is lovely isn’t it?”

“These cream walls are going to put me to sleep. Permanently. Is that what you want?” Alice wanted to have a tantrum on the floor, kick and scream like a toddler. But the floor looked uncomfortable and getting down there was just too hard. –

Ideal for anyone who wants a light read and can’t be bothered with novels.

Approximately 6,000 words


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