Calling of the Gods

| August 18, 2018


The Gods are coming!

And with them comes love, jealousy, war, and victory.

What would you do to become a god? How low would you go, to ascend the highest mountain? What passions would you deny to attain your goal?

Game of Thrones meets The New Adventure of Hercules in this sordid tale of Greek Mythology.

King Zeus and Queen Hera along with the high council of Poseidon and Demeter sit in judgment of the lower gods and goddess. Who will join them to become part of the Olympians?

Athena tries to cool her desire for Apollo, while simultaneously calculating her next steps to the throne. The only thing that burns hotter than Ares quest for power is his obsession with Aphrodite. Hermes temps fate by flirting with death unaware his uncle Hades, King of the Underworld is watching him.

A short story serial filled with in-depth character development, relationships and interactions with the Gods of Olympia.

Drama awaits around every corner!

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