CORRIDORS part BEFORE thriller romance

| August 19, 2018


Legend of the Fog. GENESIS.
There was a border world. This was a time when people served personnel at space stations. Remember there was no gravity and people needed an extra pair of hands and a tail to remain upright. Many of the bodies of these people were quite damaged through radiation too.
Over the years, a meteorite of large diameter was formed, probably through explosions over the years. Anyway, a large number of people lived in this area, which was a place of protection from enemies and radiation. Water sources were formed, buildings were built, even churches, with people of faith guarding their respective buildings for prayer.
Inside this funnel-like living area called a world, there was a constant fog that appeared daily until around lunchtime.
When the fog wasn’t there, a translucent haze appeared. When the sunset, the fog returned. Due to the haze, people who lived there were basically invisible to the human eye. One could only see them in the times of fog. People then began to dig underground tunnels inside the crater and extracted gold and other valuable materials for resource collectors.
This is the beginning of a big journey into the world of science fiction. The legend of the ancestors of the native from the Amazon changed the life of the heroes of this novel. They thought about love, but everything changed in their life. They must sacrifice themselves for the sake of the lives of others ..

2017. University of Chicago final year planetology student Glory Carter is every guy’s dream. Her goddess looks, sexy figure and brains to go with it, makes all the guys’ heads turn, but she has yet to find the one and only true love.
Eventually, Cupid’s Arrows strike and she nets an archaeologist, Adam Kennedy, but when he disappears during a top-secret trip to the Amazon, things started getting out of hand for Glory. Soon, her life is up in the air in more ways than you can imagine and with Adam seemingly gone…
I hope this Hard Science fiction/Thriller will bring readers as much pleasure as it did to me when writing it.


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