Author interview with Aloagbaye Israel of ‘Success Basics’

Author Interview with Aloagbaye Israel

In Success Basics, you will learn how to live a life of purpose and impact, a system for more effective goal setting to help you achieve your seemingly insurmountable goals, and the five “P”s important for achieving your dreams. Each lesson is shared with personal stories to drive home the principles. You also get action points after each chapter to guide you on implementing the principles learnt.



Need a little help achieving success? Aloagbaye Israel, the author of ‘Success Basics’ has come to chat and share some of the tips and tricks for setting up success in your own life. Aloagbaye, there are so many different books already out there about success, so I’m curious to find out about what inspired you to write and share your own ideas of success?

It started from a desire in my heart to inspire people. I wrote my first unpublished book at eleven years old called Facts of Life. Since I lost that book, it has always been a desire to put together inspiring lessons that help people achieve all of God’s purpose for their lives.



Were some of these inspiring lessons that you’ve included in your book from your own life?

Yes, I wrote down stories from my personal journey through life so far.



For many people, it isn’t easy to share stories from their own journeys with the word, and they find the entire experience overwhelming. Do you any overwhelming or exhausting emotions, or were you more energised to share your story as you wrote?

I am energized when I write. It feels like using my superpower to change the world.



That’s fantastic! I love that you know and use your superpower. And in ‘Sucess Basics’, you’ve had a great opportunity to share your superpower with others. Looking back, what do you hope was the central message that you clearly shared with readers by using your writing superpower?

That every man can succeed if they learn, understand and apply success principles.



I’m sure you’ve learnt, understood and applied these principals yourself to great effect. What do you think was the most important idea that you took away from applying principals to this writing project?

Having good people around you can help you achieve far more than you could alone.



A good team really can be invaluable for reaching goals, and I’m sure that now you’ve found a few good people to help you, you’re well on your way to completing your next book. What can you tell us about it?

I am currently working on a book on purpose discovery and fulfillment. It’s a template with stories, lessons and questions to guide anyone to understand God’s purpose for their lives.



Do you find yourself resting on the idea of God’s purpose as you write, or does your mind tend to focus on other ideas?

I focus on my target audience, the questions on their minds and how my book helps them achieve their dreams and deepest aspirations.



Do you feel that by continuing to focus on your target audience answering their questions you’ve become a better writer? And has your voice as an author changed during this journey?

It’s been an interesting journey so far. I now coach young people on purpose clarity and helping through transitions to accomplish their goals.



That sounds like so much fun! I love that you concentrate on helping others find clarity. Have you personally found clarity within your writing career by putting into place things like an author brand to help you connect with readers?

I am currently building a personal brand called, Inkspirednow. It’s the brand for my coaching and publishing business.



What a great name! Personal branding can be so much fun, especially when you take the time to inject a little humour into it. One of my favourite ways to introduce a little humour is with some quirky questions, so if you have a few minutes can we find out a little about the persons behind the personal brand with fun questions like, if space is a vacuum, who changes the bags?




I’m glad to see that Superman has some solid domestic skills. I think it makes him all the more ‘super’! What’s something invisible that you wish people could see?




Oh, awesome answer. What’s your favourite word?




I see a trend here. And since it looks like we’re onto a good thing, let’s roll with the love theme in the next question if love were a colour, what colour would it be?




Not pink? I always thought it was more of a deep pink, but purple is a solid choice too. And in my experience making a solid choice often leads back to success. If you had to make a solid choice about the best line in ‘Success Basics’, what would you select?

There is a seed of greatness in every man



Indeed there is! Aloagbaye, thanks for sharing a taste of success with myself and the readers today, and I wish you the best of success with the next steps in your author career!


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