The Available Tart

| October 3, 2013


The Available Tart

The Tinseltown Tarts are a middle-aged, four member all-female rock ‘n’ roll band from California. Once wildly popular, they still release new material and tour. Facing a midlife crisis, Pete follows the band’s Midwestern tour. He keeps his distance from the women, but he’s on one of the member’s radar…and she’s actually available.

The Available Tart is a serious book with a trashy title and many layers. It’s fast paced adventure, a romance novel (this is not chick-lit, it’s “dude lit”: ladies, I encourage you to know thine enemy), a baby boomer’s reminisce, and male fantasy (e.g. an evening spent talking to four attractive women wearing only underwear). There’s quite a bit of music industry background in the novel. It describes the beauty of the Midwest including lovemaking during a thunderstorm, picturesque farmland, visits to the Minnesota State Fair and a trout stream valley, and the sights of Minneapolis/St. Paul. The subject matter also contains (tasteful) adult situations. After all, Pete is chasing a female rock ‘n’ roll band!

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