Hunted Fey: Tales of the Ithereal Part 4

| August 20, 2018


The race for the keystone begins.

Sera and Bas have stayed one step ahead of the mage council, but when demons and toxic rifts plague their world, time has run out. The lost pieces of the keystone must be reunited if Sera and Bas hope to bring peace to their peoples and heal their scarred world.

Sera owns half of the ancient artifact, and her dreams whisper cryptic clues of where her salvation can be found.

Unable to decipher the visions, Bas’s mother seems to be the unlikely ally they need. Anton has sent fresh Hunters to track them down, and if they hope to find the lost piece of the keystone first, they’ll need all the help they can get—even if she shouldn’t be trusted.

Time is short, demons are to the west, hunters to the east, and only the unification of the broken keystone can save the world—if they can survive long enough to find it.


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