Burlwood Forest

| August 20, 2018


No one came to eleven-year-old Michael Pumpernickel’s birthday party, not even his invisible friend. The clown was a no-show, and his brother’s dog tried to escape and got caught in the act. Maybe it’s because he’s awkward and carries a fanny pack. Or maybe it’s because he really likes school. But nothing was going right in Michael’s life, until one day, everything did. After receiving a mysterious letter, he finds himself in the middle of an unlikely adventure, the center of an age old prophecy about an enchanted magical forest and a power-hungry fox obsessed with revenge. Awesome, right? Now people will have to notice him! But being a hero isn’t everything he thought it would be. Sure, he’d do almost anything to win the affection of his piano teacher, but if it means missing dessert more than two days in a row he’s not sure he can make it. He might not have that long. The launch of the evil fox’s line of trendy necklaces is only days away and he has to figure out the mysteries of an ancient book and identify a double agent before he’s caught. Apparently, adventures aren’t as easy as they look. At least he gets to wear his favorite shirt. That should help…

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