Author interview with Joel Sadler of ‘Feral Animals’

Feral Animals will take you on a colourful tour of Manchester by day and night where you will the rainbow of fabulous creatures that reside in this urban jungle. Feral Animals is the second #1 selling LGBT poetry collection from Mancunian author, Joel Sadler Puckering.



Need a guide through the wonderful world of Manchester? Look no further than our chat with Mancunian resident and poet, Joel Sadler who has kindly agreed to share a spotters guide to this exciting world. Joel, what inspired you to not only explore this interesting environment but take it one step further and turn into poetry?

The book began as a small series of observations of humans doing what humans do. It soon became a collection!



Where did you start your observations? Did you start with your own experiences?

Much of this book is based on actual observations of real moments. Some of the later pieces are based on family members!



Are the characters based on your family members fairly true to life, or was there a little elaboration thrown in for a bit of fun and to protect any guilty parties?

The characters are mostly based on real life with some imaginative details thrown in for good measure!



Do you find the process of turning your characters and observations into a written piece energising?

There’s no better feeling than having something finished and ready to unleash into the world. Energized!



With all of that energy pumping through your views, what do you find is at the top of your mind as you’re tapping away?

Writing helps me to express my frustrations with the world I live in!



Interesting, interesting. It sounds like writing has taken on a therapeutic role in your life. And with any kind of therapy, I think there’s always something important to learn. What did you feel that you have learnt?

How valuable the editing process is and how to use language in a simple but expressive manner.



Ahh, the beast that is editing. I’m glad to hear that you’re aware of its power, and I’m curious to find out how you used it to express a strong view. As you think about the book now, what do you think is that solid point of view that you wanted to share with readers?

I wanted to capture human nature and all of its complexities. Our desires, impulses and addictions in all their glory.



There are so many ways you could share the complexities of human nature. Did you find that your voice as an author improved as you carefully considered, edited and reconsidered the best approach to documenting this complexity?

I have been more assured in my style and do not try to adapt it just to please others.



Awesome! I love an assured writer! As you’re feeling more confident in your abilities, have you taken this feeling to new work? What’s currently in progress?

I’m currently working on editing an anthology for my publishing venture, Hidden Voice Publishing. The collection will feature authors from underrepresented groups.



Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun! I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute of working on this project. Collecting stories can be so much fun, and one super fun and fast way I like to do the same is by posing some peculiar questions. Let’s start collecting stories with question number 1, if money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

Because banks are the root of all evil.



Well, at least we’ve found the source. Can you cry underwater?




From water to space, if space is a vacuum, who changes the bags?

Captain Kirk.



*Laughs* It’s a tricky job, so putting the Captain on it is a great idea! Why is a square meal served on round plates?

Because the world is a kooky place.



Indeed it is. In this kooky world we live in, what’s your favourite word?




What happens if Batman gets bitten by a vampire?

He becomes a vampire bat?



That makes sense, but I still have this feeling that he would turn into something much scarier! From the scary to the superb, let’s round up our tete-a-tete today with a little taste of Manchester. Joel, what’s your favourite line from Feral Animals?

The humans prepare

With bated breath

Ready to clamber

And stampede and fight

And claw and grab at

Flat screen televisions

Like feral animals

Hungry to be fed

Goods and commodities



Hopefully, we see some of those ferals turn their minds and eyes away from the commodities to the stories of the world. I think we’d all have much more fun! Joel, thanks for sharing a taste of fun with us today, and I’ll be looking forward to the release of your anthology!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Feral Animals ( ASIN: B07D7JF3SY )‘.

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