Three-Speed Motivator: How to Start Living Life at Full Steam

| August 23, 2018


• you are struggling,
• you are stuck,
• you want to change your life,
• you would like to be successful,
• you long to increase your income,
• you are tired of grey monotone days,
• you are being suffocated by depression or hang your head hopelessly
– open this book, read it, and transform your life with these simple, but effective methods. You will not hang but rise and you’ ll find that life is colorful again. The Leo Sergio Success Workshop company guarantees your success. If it doesn’ t help – send it back with an angry letter: “ Oh, you lousy so-and-so, I read it five times and I it didn’ t work.” I’ ll take your suggestions into consideration and will do everything to make your life better!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…
• Organizing Your Social Circle
• TV – The Time Killer
• Social Networks/Internet – A Blessing or a Curse?
• The Phone is Not a Communication Device Anymore
• How to Stop Being Resentful
• Five Ways to Get Rid of Regret
• Unrealized Plans are Dragging You Down
• Enough of Waiting for Help – Nobody Needs You
• Find a Motive and Change Your Life Forever
• Five Minutes and You Will Feel Positive! “Express-Motivation!”
• You Are the One Who Needs to Make a Choice

Enough whining! Start headlining!

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