Rimworlds Conspiracy (Lords of the Winter Series Book 1)

| October 9, 2018


A good intention gone horribly wrong…sets off a war in the ranks of frontier gods.

Arun Dyem is a beautiful and crafty young woman who rose from the ranks of sex industry to become the native champion for her people’s rights and freedom. She is relentless in lobbying the Galactic Confederation for a treaty that will bring her world, Hettamir, Allied protection. It’s the last thing the Rimworld Warlords want.

Parv Zarinth is an interplanetary businessman based on Hettamir. As a representative of his father’s corporate interests, he has orders to steer clear from any conflict that may threaten the family business empire. He has watched Arun since the first night that he spent with her as her customer. Five years later, he’s still by her side, as an ally and a man who fiercely loves her, regardless of his father’s threats. The day of treaty signing is near and Hettamir plans a grand celebration. The President of the Galactic Confederation sends his brother and several family members to represent the Allied commitment. It’s exactly what the Rimworld pirates have been waiting for, because they too have spent years setting up the trap that would see Hettamir firmly caught in their web of enslaved worlds.

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