Mom’s Lifestyle Guide to Making Ends Meet – First Steps Toward Financial Freedom

| October 4, 2013


Mom's Lifestyle Guide to Making Ends Meet - First Steps Toward Financial Freedom

You can learn how to make your ends meet by taking the first steps towards financial freedom. It is a matter of learning how to budget, sticking with the budget, and getting out of debt. A household budget must be set with the goals of keeping the budget and patiently paying off debt and building up good savings. It starts with simple steps and then building on these steps until you are debt free and are building on your savings.

The introduction:

This Mom’s Lifestyle Guide to Making Ends Meet is a guide to reigning in the finances and claiming control. If you live hand to mouth, paycheck to paycheck, month to month, then this guide is just for you, as it paves the way to get a firm footing and financial foundation. So many of us live such busy lives we do not take the time to do what is necessary to create better finances. It does not matter whether you are living at a poverty level or if you are upper middle class, each sect has financial issues and with a little practice and discipline we can pull out of the crises and set up on a path to financial independence.

This guide is not to take the place of in-depth courses on obtaining financial peace, or to be the answer to all. It is a jumpstart to recognizing you need the help and suggestions on how to get on the path to that help. Dealing with budgeting and savings are very simple really. We complicate it and we do not need to.

The eBook includes these easy to understand chapters:

Why Budgeting and Savings
Pre-Budget Planning
Budgeting Tools
Emergency Fund
Start With An Interest Bearing Checking Account
Envelope Budget
Planning to be Debt Free
What is Mortgage Refinance?
Extra Tips For Savings
Teaching Your Children To Save Money
Money Saving Tips
Frugal Living
Beat the Rising Cost of Gas
Saving on Utilities
Coupons And Other Money Saving Things
Tips On Shopping On a Shoestring Budget
Control Holiday Spending
Prioritize Your Life
Work To Earn Extra To Help Reach the Financial Goals

The Conclusion:
As you turn your finances around and help to make those ends meet, you will start to feel that peace that comes from financial freedom. The way to get there is to simply grab a bulldog mentality, latch onto it, and not let go until you meet your financial goals. Set the budget, stick to the budget, save and save some more. You can do it and reach your financial goals!


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