A Little Primitive

| August 27, 2018


Life can be tough, but it’s even tougher for a guy who’s only two feet tall — and utterly uncivilized.

When the little primitive tumbles into the world of a reclusive young woman, he changes her life forever. It’s not enough that she must protect herself from an insanely jealous ex-husband, she now has to nurse her tiny, unwanted guest back to health *and* maintain the secret of his existence!

On a life-or-death mission for his clan, the two-foot tall hero faces a world dominated by giants whose magic has no limits. Fortunately, Mato runs into Tori Lanier, a young woman facing demons of her own. Together, they struggle to make sense of a world that grows more confusing every day.

This contemporary thriller goes beyond the usual genre boundaries and delivers a story of intrigue, humor, history and suspense. Mato, the little primitive, has many talents. Not only is he a fearless warrior and intrepid hunter, but he’s a gifted artist and seer.

Once again, Josh Langston has produced a story filled with eccentric characters, clever dialog, cliff-hanging suspense, and surprising plot twists. If you’re looking for a page-turner from a proven storyteller, this is it!

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