The Kindling Heart [2nd Edition] (The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series)

| October 4, 2013


The Kindling Heart [2nd Edition] (The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series)

(Scotland, 1478) – Ruan MacLeod was through with women. They were nothing but trouble.

Leaving the rash life of his youth behind, he returned to Skye, seeking peace. He never meant to split the clan or start a war with the MacDonald of Duntulm. He certainly never foresaw an arranged marriage to the most scandalous woman in Scotland. Even though she was twice his age, the size of a horse and mother to more than one illegitimate child, he agreed to secure his sister’s freedom.

However, even that plan goes drastically awry. On his wedding day, he finds himself faced instead with an enticing, green-eyed lass named Bree. A walking disaster, his bride immediately turns his world into chaos and threatens to melt his resolve never to love again.

Betrayed by her own mother, Bree flees to Skye, thinking only to reunite with her long, lost father. Instead, she finds herself wed to Ruan MacLeod as a replacement bride. When she is forced to remain in the castle, she is soon caught between brothers and the mentally ill wife of the laird.

Shy, yet strong, Bree embarks on a journey of independence and learns along the way that all men are not necessarily evil. In fact, one particularly brooding, yet gentle-hearted warrior is worthy of love, and she soon loses her heart forever.

(Approximately 90,800 words – about 425 pages of an 8 X 5 paperback size)

Special Note - “The Kindling Heart” is the first book that I ever wrote. Thank you to the many readers who supported and encouraged me to continue writing and learning my craft. If it hadn’t been for your encouragement and wonderful support, I would never have won the Independent Publisher Romance Silver Medal award this year for “The Bedeviled Heart”. While I know “The Kindling Heart” may not be as polished as the rest of my work, my readers still advise me to keep it out there, as they have found enjoyment in it. So, I hope you enjoy this first story that I ever wrote! —  Thank you, Carmen Caine 


Madison Adler/Carmen Caine writes fantasy under the name of Madison Adler and Medieval Romances under the name of Carmen Caine.

The “Glass Wall” is the first book of her new quirky paranormal series about ancient beings, Tulpas and different dimensions:

“The Glass Wall” ( Now Available )
“The Brotherhood of the Snake” ( Now Available )
“The Inner Circle” ( 2013 )
“The Egg”

Her Scottish Medieval series, “The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romance Series” covers the span of years ranging from 1478-1488:

“The Kindling Heart”( Now Available )
“The Bedeviled Heart” ( Now Available )
“The Daring Heart” (Now Available)
“The Bold Heart”( 2013/14 ) (Formerly known as “The Loyal Heart”)

And a new romance series, “The Vindictam”:

“Revenge” ( After the Bold Heart )

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Like many of us on this planet, Carmen Caine/Madison Adler is from another world. She spends every moment she can scribbling stories on sticky notes that her kids find posted all over the car, house, and barn.

When she is not working as a software engineer, she is busy ferrying her kids to various appointments, writing lyrics for her husband’s songs, rescuing her blankets from being eaten by her Doberman ‘Ajax’, attempting to tame her three insane cats, scratching her three Nigerian Dwarf Goats behind the horns or coddling her flock of thirty bizarre chickens from around the world.

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