Archer and Zowie

| August 28, 2018


A new book written and illustrated by an author of The Fallacy Detective and The Thinking Toolbox.

Far out in the galaxy, there is a nebula six trillion miles across. Made of clouds of blue and red gas, it swirls absently along at a million miles an hour, forming stars and planets on a slow schedule.

In one twisty puff of gas, is a speck of black. Deep in that speck, sitting in their homemade spaceship, are two friends, Archer and Zowie.

ARCHER: We’re stuck in dark matter! We should throw stuff out to make us lighter.
ZOWIE: That’s littering!
ARCHER: We’re in the vast expanse of space. There’s googlebillions of empty light years out here.
ZOWIE: What will you do if it bangs into somebody’s face?!
ARCHER: Nothing. I won’t be there.
ZOWIE: Littering is bad no matter where you are!

This is a small, but feisty, story about two friends who build a space ship and travel into deep space on purpose but crash land on an alien planet by accident and then get into a big argument about it.

In this book, Archer and Zowie will battle dark matter, babysitters, teleporting microwave ovens, big penguin aliens, and even the author of this book to come out on the other side…very dirty.

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