Money for Millennials

| August 29, 2018


Learn how to manage money, invest like a pro, and build financial habits that will benefit you for a lifetime

The Definitive Guide to Personal Finance for Young Adults
Personal finance is daunting for most people. Between stagnant incomes, a rising cost of living, and growing financial obligations, achieving financial freedom often seems out of reach.

The story often looks worse for young people. With little or no credit, lackluster savings, mountains of student debt, and little employment history, it seems that we’ll stress about money until the day we die. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Regardless of your prior knowledge, Money for Millennials is the perfect personal finance book for young people. Much more, Money for Millennials offers practical advice and tips that can help you can use to build financial habits that will benefit you for a lifetime.

In its chapters, Money for Millennials will equip you to:

Begin building your credit

Credit is important for many large purchases, like a house or a car. In Money for Millennials, you’ll learn:

  • How to get a credit card
  • How to get out of credit card debt
  • How to repair your credit

Establish a bulletproof savings habit

Learning how to save as a college student or young adult is one of the most important financial habits you can develop. In Money for Millennials, we’ll explore how to begin saving for life’s unexpected events.

Learn how to invest in the stock market

Wondering how to become a millionaire? The stock market is by far the best way to grow your net worth over time, and learning how to invest in the stock market is a common question for many young people. Whether you’re investing for retirement or just setting some money aside for a rainy day, Money for Millennials will teach you how to invest – the right way.

Discover how to automate your finances and make money work for you

From side hustles to real estate investing, Money for Millennials looks at the best ways to automate your personal finances and make money work for you – not the other way around.

Learn how to budget effectively

Learning how to budget your money effectively is the best way to stop living paycheck to paycheck. If you’re looking for a “how to budget” book, look no further. Money for Millennials will show you how.

Discover how to get out of debt

Debt is literally harmful to your health. If you want to stop living underneath the crushing weight of debt, Money for Millennials will show you how.

Leverage the power of long-term thinking to grow your net worth

A favorite topic of investing legends like Warren Buffett, long-term thinking is incredibly powerful. Money for Millennials looks at the power of long-term thinking and how adopting a long-term mindset can help you become a millionaire.

Ready to transform your financial life by learning the very best money management techniques now? Money for Millennials is for you.

About The Author
Crawford Ifland is the author of Money for Millennials, a guide to help young people manage their finances wisely and build wealth for the long run. Crawford started his first business designing websites for small businesses and non-profits from his college dorm room. Today, he runs two online marketing agencies whose clients include venture-backed startups, public and private universities, small businesses, medical device and biotech companies, private equity firms, and more. Crawford and his wife live in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

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