How to LIVE: When Life Gets Tough – A Field Manual (Roadturn Principles Book 1)

| September 1, 2018


Do you keep making promises to yourself you can’t keep? Have you been going to write that book, lose that weight, start that business … for YEARS, but something’s always in the way?

Here’s help.

The LIVE Method is simple to learn, but sharper than a razor blade. It cuts straight to the chase to bring about HUGE internal change. Use it to get out of the rut and back on the road … no matter how down and defeated, tired and lonesome, old and hopeless you may think you are.

Learn to LIVE, and your life will never be the same.

This is a field manual. It’s not just for reading; it’s for using. From start to finish, you’ll need less than an hour to read and absorb the instructions here. After that, refer back to the fours steps of LIVE daily to stand up against the forces that hold you back and keep you on the roller-coaster ride of “Yes, I can … No, I can’t.”

LIVE provides a proven method for rising from the junk heap, brushing off the dust, and starting out fresh with new perspective and renewed hope. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired … find out How to LIVE and give yourself a chance.

Amazing things have happened for those who get these simple instructions and put them to work.

You could be next.

Do yourself a favor. If you’ve found this book, get it. Get it and don’t turn back. Get it and do what you’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time … begin to LIVE.

BONUS: Includes a description of the LOFT technique and the never-before published story of how the LIVE Method came into being. If you want a better life, learn to LIVE.


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