Happy Cat: Recipe for Happiness from the Happiest Cat in the World

| September 4, 2018


Happy Cat is a sunny, spirited kitten, but he wasn’t always like that. After having experienced rejection and heartbreak, from bullies to too much junk food, Happy Cat discovers how happy thoughts, feelings and actions lead to happiness. Happy Cat shares his discoveries, the everyday life steps he took and kids can follow to become more joyful, happier persons, such as; spending time with family to even modern techniques of meditating! Using real life and up-to-date principles from positive psychology and anthropology of happiness, this book will not only fill your kid’s heart with joy, excitement, and knowledge–but yours too!
This book contains 68 pages of vibrant and imaginative pages of Happy Cat’s recipe to a happy and fulfilling life that are both easy and fun to try and apply.

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