Divide and Conquer

| November 29, 2018


USA Today Bestselling Author Carmen Fox is pleased to present Book 1 of the Champions of Elonia, a sweeping adult urban fantasy series to entertain fans of fast-paced fiction with heart.

Prophecies suck. Catapulted into a do-or-die fight to save a magical kingdom, Lea Daniels would give her treasured collection of board games for a step-by-step survival guide. Instead, the physicist must entrust her future to Nieve, a woman with kick-ass powers that seem to defy the laws of nature.

Jaded warrior Nieve isn’t thrilled either about her new role as a mentor to a “chosen one” who can’t tell a sword from a hairbrush.

Together, the mismatched duo must protect the world from the conquering ambitions of a cut-throat king. The good news is they’re not alone. The bad news is that, as former foes assemble to take a stand by their side, it soon becomes clear everyone has an agenda.

This brand-spanking new, overhauled and waxed-to-a-shine edition of Divide and Conquer builds a world you haven’t seen before—only to disassemble it before your very eyes. Expect danger, romance, and a chain-smoking gargoyle that will steal your heart.

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