Kids can program – my first computer game (Kids technology)

| October 5, 2013


Kids can program - my first computer game (Kids technology)

Reveal the magic of SCRATCH programming

Do you want to be a programmer after only a few hours?
Do you like to make your own computer game? Do you want to show your kid how to become a programming master, and in no time?
Come and enjoy the wonderful world of SCRATCH. It’s FREE! No credit card is needed to start using Scratch.
This book presents eight easy, yet powerful, lessons that will set up the ground to be a scratch programmer. You can now build your own animation, set up your own application and create a really cool game.
This book is on a ridiculous introduction price. Scroll up and buy the book. After buying the book you will have so many hours of joy with your kids. Even grown ups, real high-tech programmers and computer professionals, find Scratch as an amazing playground.
Don’t miss this. Join the ride. The book brings very easy steps, illustrated, to enable smooth learning.
If you are a teacher – you have a training program ready to be used. The lessons were practiced already with hundreds of kids with lots of joy and fun. Kids love these lessons!
And now – It’s all explained in the new Scrtach 2.0, web application. No installation needed. Just do it!


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