Stones of Power: A prequel novella to The Alaris Chronicles

| September 8, 2018


Six Stones of Power.

An evil ShadowStone that most believe do not exist.

And only a young man knows the truth; and he wants nothing more than to be left alone.

Racing heartbeat, blurry vision, upset stomach – all are daily occurrences for Feyn. People make him nervous and afraid – to the point of becoming extremely sick. 

Yet in everyone’s life comes an opportunity to be a hero.  Can Feyn handle the anxiety that comes with facing his fears and standing up to the Shadow Keepers?  Or will he run and hide away?

This prequel novella to The TruthSeer Archives introduces the reader to a marvelous system of magic – the stones of power.  If you enjoy magic, wizards, battles of good vs. evil, and power struggles among the nobility get The Stones of Power now!


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