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She remains on Earth, while he goes off to explore the infinite in the name of interstellar war. They remain in contact through the frequent exchange of digitalized letters that can instantly travel across all of space. They use these letters to retain the sanity that the consequence of the interstellar war is striving to strip from them. He travels from planet to planet while she stays behind. He trains to become a super soldier while she comes to run humanity’s entire propaganda program. He journeys across the infinite, be it beyond death or into the domain of ancient alien gods. They believe they will lose everything, but they continue to do their best nonetheless. In the end they arrive at answers that change everything for absolutely everyone.

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It begins here. This book consists of a collection of letters written by two lovers. Lovers who must wrestle to retain love as they endure the pinnacle of strife. Only read these letters if you believe yourself ready to learn the answers that only Story can provide. Of course you are already prepared to walk across the surface of alien worlds. Obviously, you are prepared to read a tale of love, wilderness, war and despair. But, are you ready to venture through the ultimate Unknowns? Are you ready to invest yourself in a tale that may forever change you? It begins here. Open this book if you are ready to begin again.

Book’s Trailer:

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