The Star’s Fake Marriage: A Clean Fake Relationship Romance Book Two

| September 9, 2018


A reporter desperate to prove herself, a country music singer with a chip on his shoulder, and a second chance at love.

Callie Chapman is tired of hiding behind a pen name and lying to her family. Out of the blue, her editor gives her the ultimate opportunity—marry country superstar Tucker Hawk and get the inside scoop for her magazine.  There’s only one problem. They dated before he made it big, and she’s never gotten over him.

Tucker Hawk’s been America’s favorite country music star until the past year when a nasty breakup sent him spiraling. The CEO of his label has the perfect plan to get him back in the good graces of the public—a fake wife for the self-professed eternal bachelor. When he finds out the woman they’ve chosen is a love that got away, good memories resurface. But he’s been used too many times since then and trust isn’t something he gives away for free anymore.

When fate brings them together again, they wonder if they should take a chance on love or just play their parts.

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