The Secret Journals Of Adolf Hitler: The Struggle (Volume 2)

| September 9, 2018


What is next for Adolf Hitler? Will his release from prison happen before Christmas, as Hanussen predicted? How will his personal realities affect humanity, now that its greatest enemy is again politically active? What further psychological truths will be revealed about this most complex, desperate and psychotic man?

This volume explores the years following Hitler’s release from prison after he failed to grab power through his staged putsch. It further explores the intricacies of his psyche and some of the probable, possible answers to the decades-old questions surrounding this most hated man. 

Exposing his private life, filled with terrifying secrets, dark thoughts and actions, further demystifies the true nature of this most controversial and malignant character of recent world history.

Will his fear of women and love breed a contempt that proves fatal to his countrymen? The answer already stains the pages of history. 

Little is known about how Hitler’s psyche was broken. Through exhaustive research, this book answers the questions long hanging over his brutality and madness. The road he decides to take, leading to absolute political power, reveals how the willpower of a psychotic with a singular mission can triumph against all odds to finally transform the world beyond recognition.


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