Author interview with Denin Nolan of ‘Nutty The Lost Bolt’

Author Interview with Denin Nolan

Nutty is a bolt that fell of from a wheel. He is not feeling well if he stands still. He has to spin! That is why he gets in adventures where he meets new friends and learns new values. In Nutty The Lost Bolt, Nutty joins a car, a rocket and a helicopter in order to find his original wheel.



What will Nutty get up to next? To find out, Denin Nolan, the mechanical mind behind ‘Nutty the Lost Bolt’ has kindly set aside a little time to chat today about these bolty adventures. Denin, how did you first think of Nutty and his world?

I was just sitting in front of blank paper. Wanted to write new song since at that time I was writing songs and this story just went out in 15 minutes. Book was polished in next few days but story was written in 15 minutes.



Wow, that’s fast! Looking back, do you feel you borrowed experiences from your own life to help you complete the tale so quickly?

Probably. We all have things we lost and wanted to find again.



Indeed, we really do. Were the characters like Nutty, and his friends inspired by people you’ve wanted to find again? Do you remember how they came to life?

Do not know to be honest. Just thought about bolt that is laying on the road and how he feels alone and lost. That seemed interesting to me.



I love that you’ve written about an idea that you are really interested in. But sometimes our own interest might not be what a reader is looking for. What message did you find was important to share and build interest with your readers through your tale?

Being lost and confused is something we all feel sometimes. I expressed this emotion through children story which is fun and interesting. I did not want to make serious topic out of it. Just going through adventure and dealing with search we all sometimes have to take in order to find thing or place we have missed for long time. When we find it we feel peaceful.



Do you find the writing process peaceful, energising, or exhausting?

It gives me more energy and life.



Do you also learn new things along the way? For instance, did you learn much yourself while writing and getting this book in the hands of readers?

I learned that writing for kids is fun and you get so honest remarks. And for my book they were great since kids loved it and gave to the book award of best national children book in 2009 in my home country.



Congratulations! What an amazing result for your efforts! With such success, I’m sure you’ve kept yourself writing. What can you share about your current writing project?

At the moment I am writing something completely different. Sci-Fi novel. It should be over in 2019.



Oh, a nice change of pace with a sci-fi tale. Well, I hope it all goes well and it is released on schedule in 2019. 2019 is still a few months away, so there’s a little time that our readers have to wait for your next book. Do you think you can stay around for a little while to show a taste of the excellent creative mind behind the tales of Nutty? We’ll see how we go showing your skills with our first question, if money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

So you can cut branches.



Sounds good to me! If space is a vacuum, who changes the bags?




I’d like to see a comet do that! Can you cry underwater?

Yes but only upside down.



I think I’d been crying too if I was upside down. Why is a square meal served on round plates?

To be on spot.



It’s important to be in the right spot! Our spot for today is just about over, so I’d like to thank you for taking a few minutes to chat with us about your kid’s book, and I hope to hear more about your sci-fi novel soon!


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