Ukulele for Beginners: Ukulele For Beginners: How You Can Confidently Play Your First Song in under 4 hours, Even if You’ve Never Played a Single Chord in Your Life

| September 12, 2018


So you want to learn to play the Ukulele? 

Want to master it FAST without spending hours learning boring musical theory?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks to a series of tips, tricks, and hacks you can confidently learn to play Ukulele in ONLY ONE DAY!

You can even play a song in just 4 hours!

Whether you played before or you’re an absolute beginner. Using this book, you’ll feel confident playing all over the fretboard in just A DAY!

You will get all the lessons you need to master this cute instrument in NO TIME!

Ukulele for Beginners contains:

  • The only 4 chords you need to know to play basic songs (if you just learned these 3, you can play thousands of songs!)
  • A super simple way to tune your Ukulele by ear (even a complete novice can do this)
  • Play one super famous song just 1 hour after you started studying its chords! 
  • A bunch of easy to play songs that would make your family thinks you are a rockstar!
  • Handy pro tips for strumming, chord changes and building up your playing speed
  • Bonus video and tab resources for popular songs
  • Even if you have zero musical experience, or you think that you just can’t play an instrument – this book is designed to prove you wrong

Or, if you know someone who’s going to receive a ukulele as a holiday giftthis is a perfect companion book to get them up to speed quickly!

See the Difference in One Week… or Your Money Back!
If you follow the chapters in this guide and feel that it didn’t reach your expectations, simply click one button within 7 days and Amazon will return 100% of your money. 

So if you’ve been dreaming to start playing this instrument for a long time, and feel that it’s too late… this is the sign you’ve been waiting for! 

Just scroll up and click the Buy Now with 1-Click button


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