Jackson (The Bishop Boys Book 1)

| September 12, 2018


She just wanted to forget, until a handsome stranger made her feel alive again.

He just wanted a drink, until he saw her and had to make her his.

Seven days.

Seven days of sun and sand, late nights and room service, but not strings.. thats all they promised each other.

But what happens when lovers from vacation cross paths again in the most unlikely of circumstances?

Follow career driven, horrible dater, smart mouthed Caterina Rossi as she tries to forget the ex who hurt her, build a career, all while a green eyed, well dressed Jackson shows her just how pleasurable life with him can be.

Can their relationship make it in the real world where her job demands long hours, his company is on the line, and her ex is waiting to ruin her?

This is a stand alone, Gets hot by chapter 4 and steamy by chapter 5, Happily ever after, contemporary romance full of great side characters, and a group of lovable Bishop boys. No cheating, no abuse.

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