Asteroid Fever

| September 12, 2018


It all started out as a typical day in 2037, some eating heavily medicated food dripping with nanobots, others drinking synthetic insect plasma fortified with Martian microbes. Mining asteroid dust had revitalized civilization providing unlimited clean energy. The BodyServers were taking over the world one brain at a time but wiring up minds and stuffing brains into mobile canisters was taking too long.
On an orbiting mining station a lone miner decided to take the day off while some Moon workers got burned by bad food so they took matters into their own hands.
Cleo, a local spaceport manager, only wanted to know where the ruby rods had gotten to that were going to fund her retirement. She got the Sight Shifter Detective agency involved after discovering the apparent accidental drowning death in a big vat of SIPs.
Axel and his Dreaming News crew needed to locate the source of the static that was ruining the nightly dreams, one of their best products, besides the featured fake news of the day.
The real fireworks started when Prezz Gredloy’s dreams of conquering free space collided head on with the clandestine plans of Greenie, Queen of the Sippers and an alien test subject printed into life by a three D bulk printer. For those not gaming the system it turned out to be an absolutely brilliant day.

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