Waking Up in Vegas

| September 14, 2018


Vegas in June is known for drunken thrills and bad decisions, but not for introverted estate planning attorney, Mallory, who doesn’t take risks and intends to make partner. She finally gets a chance to show the firm that she has what it takes, when she is assigned the one case she would rather die than work on—a divorce that might end up in court.

Mallory’s paralegal, Amanda, thinks Mallory should date opposing counsel, Tyler Scott, the “hot nose ring lawyer.” But even if she weren’t relationship phobic, Tyler’s client is his quirky mother, who may or may not want the divorce, so he’s off limits. Amanda wants to expedite the divorce and date Mallory’s client. Mallory has to stop Amanda, resist Tyler’s romantic advances, keep his mother out of jail, and work frantically to get the case settled before another shoe drops.

Longest. Quickie. Divorce. Ever.

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