The Overwhelmed Mind: How To Stop Overthinking, Start Living And Find Inner Peace Through Mindfulness And Meditation

| September 18, 2018


Discover How To Stop Overthinking And Start Finding Inner Peace Through This Simple Guide To Mindfulness and Meditation

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Do you chatter to yourself? You probably know what I mean because most people do. It’s what the Buddhists refer to as the Monkey Mind. It’s part of you and yet you sometimes feel that the thoughts are taking control. The fact is that they are if you permit them to. That’s why the doctor’s offices all over the country are overflowing with patients who suffer from stress. Stress has become such a large problem in the United States and elsewhere that it’s almost at contagion level.

In this no nonsense book, I intend to demonstrate to you that there are so many ways that you can change the situation. They are all ways that don’t require you to take risks with anything but your own happiness. That is attainable and it’s very real too, but you will never find Utopia while your mind is too active to actually take much notice of it happening in your life. Thus, the calm mind can obtain in so many benefits in your life. Let me take you there because it’s a place I learned how to be and during the course of my learning, I was able to see past the idiocy that we inflict upon ourselves and others. You can be where I am now, and that’s a very happy place to be, where you will find peace from the the chaos and overthinking that we can find ourselves in.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…


  • Being Aware of your Thoughts
  • What Interferes with your Mind
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Finding Peace of Mind
  • Much, much

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