Author interview with Maria Saez of ‘The Mixtape book.’

Author Interview with Maria Saez

Poems about love, heartbreak, the struggle, and any wisdom I can transfer from my experience to yours. Also, a short story entitled “Funny robot.” Let me know what you think.



What should we think about love, heartbreak and struggle? Maria Saez, author of ‘The Mixtape book’ has set aside a few moments to share a little about what she thinks about these essential components of life. Maria, let’s turn back the clock a little and go back to the start of your book. How did it all begin?

The want for new content and to be consistent as a writer.



New content often means new characters. Can you share a little taste of the cast readers will meet in this book?

Funny Robot.. his name is BOT. I wanted to make a short story about a robot and it turned out to be a machine that gains a soul…



Do you find sharing the adventures of characters like BOT energises you, or does it get a bit overwhelming?




Did you find yourself drawing on many events from your life while you were busy getting your energy and exhaustion onto paper?

Most of them lol.



Do you think about these events as you write?

I think about my life .. the message I want to convey…



What was the message that you wanted to convey in this book?

Be fearless. Love is the answer to everything.



Love and fearlessness are important. Did you find yourself learning much while combining these two together as you wrote? And if yes, what did you learn?

Write every day and just because it is a short story doesn’t mean I can delay the editing process…



Oh, editing! The great challenge of writing, but I’m glad that you faced it, stopped the delay and published your work! Has publishing this book allowed you to free up your time to work on your next book? What’s on your plate at the moment?

I’m just promoting this one now.



Book promotions, connecting with your readers and seeing your work through their eyes is a great way to improve your writing. Do you feel that your writing has improved as you’ve published, promoted and put your work out there?

I cringe at my first book. I want to believe I grew in storytelling and grammar and all that good stuff.



With such a love of storytelling, have you started to think about how you could draw all of your tales together around your own author brand?

Yes. I want my own production company … write movies… write Tv shows. The ability to create is the biggest reward. Making people think and feel is the best reward. I hope I can gain fans by my creations but I understand I also need to stand for something you know?



Yep, I know! And I hope that you can keep creating and making people think and feel about stories that will stand for something. Maria, thanks so much for sharing a little of what you stand for today, and I hope to hear more about your next creations soon!


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