Canology – A Beginner’s Guide To Canning & Preserving Locally-Grown Natural Foods

| October 7, 2013


Canology - A Beginner's Guide To Canning & Preserving Locally-Grown Natural Foods

Over 100 photos!!

Preserving foods and eating locally-grown veggies and fruits is an exciting new trend.

In the book “Canology – How To Eat Healthier & Save Money By Preserving Locally-Grown Natural Foods” you will learn:

– Why preserving food will save you money on your family’s grocery bill.
– How to preserve food the safe, natural way (without chemicals)
– What is canning (jarring foods)?
– How to preserve veggies, fruits, jams, salsas, sauces, soups, chili, applesauce, and many more cooking creations for use all-year round.
– Why natural veggies and fruits are better than store-bought chemically-grown foods
– How to find locally grown, healthy organic produce and fruits in your own community on a budget
– How to decorate your jars to use as gifts and in gift baskets.


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