1929 Jonathan’s Cross – Book One (The 1929 Series)

| October 7, 2013


1929 Jonathan's Cross - Book One (The 1929 Series)

This is the first book in the epic 1929 Series. 

Jonathan Garrett has just lost everything. He and his two best friends were operating one of the top brokerages in New York City until the stock market crash of ’29. With nothing but the clothes on their backs, these men must start over. Renting a shabby apartment from a business rival with his eye on tormenting Jonathan, they begin to rebuild as best they can. Their wives struggle to make the best of their situations, each coping in her own way. They begin to make friendships that promise to last a lifetime. As the jobs become fewer and danger is at their backs, the stakes get higher for these men to find a way out. Their current poverty, their respective pasts, and their own struggles all threaten to ruin them. With hope, close friends, and a lucky twist of fate, they escape the city just in time. They return to their hometown of Rockport Massachusetts to begin a new life. Living modestly, and faring better than the friends they left behind in the city, they begin to think things are taking a turn for the better. But tragedy is never far behind…

Reading the series in order:

1929 Book One-Jonathan’s Cross

Heart Book Two

Book-Three Aryl’s Divide

Book Four


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