Modern Card Counting – Professional Blackjack Strategy

| October 7, 2013


Modern Card Counting - Professional Blackjack Strategy

“The house doesn’t beat the player; it just gives him the opportunity to beat himself.”
Nick Dandalos – Professional Card Counter


The methods and strategies in Modern Card Counting will give you a permanent mathematical advantage playing casino blackjack.

Blackjack card counting doesn’t have to be hard. If you can count without the help of your fingers, you can make money with the correct blackjack strategy. I, Cris Statz, have taught everyone from high-school dropouts to P.H.D’s. What’s more, I’m betting I can teach you too. If you are new to blackjack then look no further. Modern Card Counting explains absolutely everything a new counter needs to know in order to consistently win at blackjack, all in an easy step by step model.

Already Know the Basics?

Modern Card Counting contains a hybrid system I call “Red Zen”. The beauty of this system lies in its ability to retain accuracy, while at the same time maximizing the number of hands whose values “cancel out”. This makes counting easier and faster, which leads to less errors and better cover.

Experienced counters should feel encouraged to email me with any technical questions at

Topics covered include:

✓ Casino rules and their mathematical effects

✓ Complete Basic Strategy tables for any set of casino blackjack rules

✓ Basic Strategy e-flashcards for any set of casino blackjack rules

✓ Detailed examination of a the level one system “Hi-Low”
✓ The process of creating a modern level two system the “Red Zen”

✓ Full Basic Strategy Variations (Indexes)

✓ Discussions on advanced blackjack strategies and modern adaptations

✓ Step by step calculations to find your specific advantage, risk, RoR, and expected return

✓ A look into the role of Standard Deviation and how to derive it

✓ Modern Casino surveillance methods and how to beat them

And more…

A total how to win at blackjack guide.
This book is not a purchase, it is an investment. Following the methods in Modern Card Counting will mathematically guarantee the committed and properly invested blackjack card counter hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even seven figures is guaranteed if enough time is applied. Learn how to count cards in blackjack and you will win. It’s not gambling, it’s math.


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