Days Like This: Jackson Falls Book 3 (Jackson Falls Series)

| October 7, 2013


Days Like This: Jackson Falls Book 3 (Jackson Falls Series)

What would you do if your brand-new husband discovered he had a teenage daughter?  One who’s hurt and angry and resentful?

One who’s coming to live with you?

Casey Fiore and Rob MacKenzie have a history.  A long one.  Close friends and songwriting partners, their friendship survived the roller coaster ride to fame and the tumult of her first marriage to his best friend.  Now, they’ve finally found their way home to each other.  But marriage is never easy, and the transition from friends to lovers can be awkward.  Still haunted by the ghost of Casey’s first husband, charismatic rock icon Danny Fiore, they’ve spent the last year tiptoeing around the elephant in the living room.  While Rob struggles with long-held insecurities, Casey is gradually blossoming into the woman she was always meant to be. But with change comes uncertainty, and even as she finds herself overwhelmed by the ferocity of her feelings for her new husband, Casey wrestles with divided loyalties and the unexpected changes this marriage has wrought in her.

When the fifteen-year-old daughter Rob never knew about comes to live with them, the quiet life they’ve carved out for themselves in Casey’s rural Maine hometown is turned upside down as they’re forced into instant parenthood.  Paige MacKenzie is prickly, hurt, and angry, and despite Rob’s efforts, she refuses to build any kind of relationship with the father she’s convinced deliberately deserted her.

As Casey and Rob face the challenges of parenting a rebellious teenager while struggling to become a family, they unravel secrets and discover truths about themselves and their relationship, truths that, if not dealt with, could threaten the future of their marriage.

About the Author

Laurie Breton has been writing since she was eight years old, and has always been thrilled by the feel of a new pen and the smell of a fresh sheet of paper.  These days, she writes on a computer, but still feels that same thrill every time she opens up a blank document page.  Her heartwarming stories about love and family relationships have been called “epic,” “compelling,” and “beautifully written.” She believes in magic–the magic that can be found in words–and has devoted her life to seeking that elusive magic.


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