CONTACT AND CONFLICT. ALIENS & HUMANS.: Book One in the Space Fleet Sagas

| September 25, 2018


Earth’s first battle-worthy spaceship,
the PT-109, John F. Kennedy, is on its final
shakedown cruise. A test flight straight into danger.

A wormhole opens. First contact. With an unpredictable twist.

An alien ship filled with refugees from a galactic conflict emerge seeking sanctuary. Frightened, vulnerable, huddled aboard a damaged vessel. Pursued.

At the edge of our solar system Captain Daniel Cooper represents humanity. Help, and plunge Earth into war, or turn them away and live with the consequences.
And Coop thought this was going to be an easy trip.

Humanity stands at the threshold of the universe
and on the verge of extinction.

The Space Fleet Sagas begin with the launch of the SFPT-109, but follow in the wake of misery and hope. Earth has experienced a weaponized viral pandemic, killing half the population. In the aftermath of chaos and anarchy, a united Canadian-American government sets out to save those left from starvation, and the lawless who would fill the vacuum of lost order. Hope is restored with the creation of a centralized world governing body – the United Earth Council.

While destruction coursed across the planet, on Mars a hidden hangar with a spaceship are found. The secrets of intergalactic travel are at hand, awaiting the fate of humanity.

Now, on the verge of the first starship reaching out to discover what lies beyond the solar system, first contact is made in a wholly unexpected way. There is no way to be prepared for what happens next.


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